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Interlaboratory comparison 11/2017 - bacterial toxicity test using bioluminescent bacteria

Julkaisusarja ja numero:1/2018 
Kustantaja:Suomen ympäristökeskus 
Tekijät:Järvistö Johanna, Björklöf Katarina, Ilmakunnas Markku 

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The ecotoxicological laboratory of SYKE and Proftest SYKE carried out this interlaboratory comparison for analysis of ecotoxicity in liquids using Aliivibrio fischeri (formerly Vibrio fischeri)– bacterial test. One clear synthetic sample and one dark as well as coloured sample were sent in October 2017 (BTOX 11/2017) to eight participants. In total participants provided 22 results. The mean of individual results of the participants were used as assigned values for the clear sample. As expected, all participants but one reported satisfactory results. No evaluations of performances of the colored sample were done. The biggest problems related to credible results were related to pH adjustment of the samples and the non-toxicity of the sample which required extrapolation of the measured results in order to receive an exact value for the EC50%. Warm thanks to all the participants of this interlaboratory comparison!