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Interlaboratory Proficiency Test 14/2015 - Bacterial toxicity test

ISBN (pdf):978-952-11-4639-8 
Julkaisusarja ja numero:Reports of the Finnish Environment Institute 30/2016 
Kustantaja:Finnish Environment Institute 
Saatavuus (pdf):http://hdl.handle.net/10138/165795 
Tekijät:Johanna Järvistö, Päivi Meriläinen and Katarina Björklöf 

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The ecotoxicological laboratory of SYKE carried out this intercalibration test for analysis of ecotoxicity in liquids using Vibrio fischeri –bacterial test one clear synthetic sample and one sediment sample in October 2015 (BTOX 14/2015). In all, seven participants took part providing 22 results. Both the standard method and the kinetic method were used. Measurements were done in single tube luminometers or in well plate readers that have luminometer features. The mean or robust means of individual values of the results of the participants were used as assigned values. The results were also grouped according to the test method and equipment used. Evaluations of the performances were done using Di%-values due to heterogeneity of parallel results. The results were found to be in the same order of magnitude regardless of the method or equipment used. Warm thanks to all the participants of this proficiency test!