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Coupled biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem services - Extended abstracts of the scientific seminar

ISBN (pdf):978-952-11-4349-6 
Julkaisusarja ja numero:Reports of the Finnish Environment Institute 21/2014 
Kustantaja:Finnish Environment Institute 
Saatavuus (pdf):http://hdl.handle.net/10138/135577 
Tekijät:Jouni Lehtoranta; Petri Ekholm; Petteri Vihervaara; Pirkko Kortelainen (toim.)  

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Human activities disturb the biogeochemical cycles often resulting in limited eco-system services. The cycles of biologically active elements are also coupled to each other which is rarely acknowledged in ecosystem studies. Many of the regulating and maintenance services are linked to element cycles driven by micro-organisms, but these have often been omitted in ecosystem service studies. In the present publication the terminology of ecosystem services are used to help to define and describe the coupled biogeochemical processes and to highlight their importance in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. The extended abstracts offer fresh viewpoints on biogeochemical cycles and on the management of their fluxes. The abstracts may also function as basis for new themes for research.