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Interlaboratory Proficiency Test 06/2019 - Radon in ground water

Julkaisusarja ja numero:Reports of the Finnish Environment Institute 25 /2019 
Kustantaja:Suomen ympäristökeskus 
Tekijät:Katarina Björklöf, Reko Simola, Mirja Leivuori, Keijo Tervonen, Sari Lanteri and Markku Ilmakunnas 

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In April 2019 Proftest SYKE carried out the proficiency test (PT) for analysis of radon in ground water (RAD 06/2019) in cooperation with the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) for laboratories conducting radon measurements in ground water. In total, 27 participants took part in the proficiency test. Two ground water samples containing low concentration of radon (<1000 Bq/l) were tested. The robust means of the participants’ results were used as the assigned value for radon concentrations. The evaluation of the results was based on z scores. In total 88 % of the results was satisfactory when deviations of 30 % from the assigned value was accepted. The previously observed statistically significant differences between the liquid scintillation method and Radek-gamma spectrometry were not detected in this test. A warm thank you to all the participants of this proficiency test.