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Interlaboratory Proficiency Test 04/2019 - Metals in natural water and sediment

ISBN (pdf):978-952-11-5069-2  
Julkaisusarja ja numero:Reports of the Finnish Environment Institute 35/2019 
Kustantaja:Suomen ympäristökeskus 
Tekijät:Mirja Leivuori, Riitta Koivikko, Timo Sara-Aho, Teemu Näykki, Keijo Tervonen, Sari Lanteri, Ritva Väisänen and Markku Ilmakunnas 

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Proftest SYKE carried out the proficiency test (PT) for analysis of elements in ground and domestic waters as well as in sediment in April 2019. The measurands for the synthetic sample and domestic and ground water samples were: Al, As, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Hg, Mn, Ni, Pb, Se, Ti, U, V, and Zn. In addition to the aforementioned, also measurands Ntot, Ptot, Stot, TC, and dry weight (Drw) were analysed from the sediment sample. In total 20 participants joined in the PT. In this proficiency test 91 % of the results valuated based on z score were satisfactory when deviation of 10–25 % from the assigned value was accepted. From the results evaluated with En scores, 90 % were satisfactory. Basically, either the metrologically traceable concentration, the calculated concentration, the robust mean or the median of the results reported by the participants was used as the assigned value for the measurands. Warm thanks to all the participants of this proficiency test!